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We're here to change your mind
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We are a sustainable sawmill producer for different types of application in the national and international market, and everything we do is guided by what we call "3 Es": Ecological, Economic and Essential.

It's ecological because all our wood is of reforested and traceable origin, with care to preserve the extraction areas and water resources. Our production is powered by clean energy, such as solar and biomass.

It's economical because our process is designed to be as efficient as possible, using 100% of the raw material. We work with a network formed by more than 500 small producers who take care of the extraction and transport to our facilities.

It's essential because our highly trained professionals meet the needs of customers with attention to the demands of the market. Thus, we managed to go far beyond what is expected from a logging company. We are an innovative company, guided by values. With a sustainable attitude and strategic vision, we can generate wealth without harming the environment.

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